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HMMMM…….GET THIS….Still waiting for confirmation

So, I get a direct message on IG from someone claiming to be the official photographer of Sheikh Mansoor.  He says he was contacted by Sheikh Mansoor about a photo I posted.  

So, you guys know me….I question EVERYTHING…and pay attention to the little things.  I asked him for something official.  Well, he sends me a pic of an ID that looks official…with an email that looks official.  


1—the email says .ae and the emails associated with Sheikh Mansoor say .com

2-Sheikh Mansoor does not follow this person, and they all follow their own photographers

3—There are very few photos of Sheikh Mansoor of his IG.  I mean, look at asmbinthalith and aliessa1..their accounts are ALL about Sheikh Majid and Shiekh Hamdan.

So I don’t know what to beleive.

I have sent a direct message to and a direct message to Sheikh Mansoor and just about all the guys he follows on IG and asked them if they can confirm this person’s identity. 

I can’t think of any photo I have posted that would offend Sheikh Mansoor in any way.  

But, like I told this man and the ones I contacted, if they can confirm this man’s identity, I will be happy to delete anything Sheikh Mansoor would like me to.

Will keep you updated.  

Thought this was such a sweet picture. By @nla_nla99 “Every girl dreams of having a big brother! But if you don’t have one, @khalidmohd7 seems to be a good substitute 😂❤️”

Photo taken by Naomi Askew @nla_nla99 #weg2014

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