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Anonymous asked:

hi is it true that majid married/engaged against his family's wish? and why was not official announcement but rather congrats on instagram or is it just rumors?

Actually, I don’t know the details to this. I never listen to these types of stories.  As far as i know, it’s just rumors.  I’ve heard NOTHING from any RELIABLE sources that says this is true.  

Congrats to Germany fans. My sincere apologies to Argentina fans.

It was a great game, even for me—soccer_stupid_American LOL.  It was overwhelming for me because I was soooo excited for Germany, yet hurt so much for Argentina.

I knew soccer (ok ok ok, football„ yes I can hear everyone yelling), anyway, I knew it waas truly a global sport.  BUT WOW.  

We call the SuperBowl winners “world champs” and in baseball, we call it the “world series” but it’s not.  they are all American teams, in America, for American fans.

THIS!!!!! THIS was truly a “WORLD” game. It was the most amazing thing.  and I truly felt the heartbreak for Argentina.  Seeing grown men cry, the kids, everyone.  

No, I am still not a soccer (yeah yeah yeah….football) fan, though I can watch it now, but I will definitely watch the next World Cup.  Many of the games were boring (sorry, I’m used to American football) , but the idea, the competition between countries…..OMG the comraderie between teams was just incredible.  Rivals and friends.  

It was special.  I enjoyed it.  I learned alot.  

Congrats again Germany

My deepest, sincerest apologies to Argentina.  

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