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Spotted in Lubbock, Texas. [via]

Do you have this on your board?

which board????

I think it’s on your main page. I remember the churches with the signs but I can’t remember if the board was only for churches.

OH, I know what you’re talking about.  no, I am rarely ever on that site anymore.  I spend most of my time working on my Fazzaproject Instagram or Pinterest site.  


30 minutes is a long time to wait, but what you could do instead of acting like a four year old is:

1. Consider why it is taking so long. They are probably busy and trying to get to you as soon as possible.

2. If you don’t want to wait any longer, go somewhere else.

3. If they’re clearly just dicking around and ignoring you (which is really highly unlikely) actually confront them verbally, or again, just go somewhere else.

What fucking adult writes on a table with ketchup?

First, you forgot to mention the mustard.

Second, how do you know it was an adult…..

Third 30 minutes???…..I wouldn’t have waited that long.  and would have let them know I was not happy, but probably not with ketchup and mustard.


Anonymous asked:

I noticed something weird. Hamdans follows this person on instagram whose id is f3. This person has only 4 followers, hamdan being one of them and is private. I tried sending request but the person doesnt approve or ignore. I know for sure the person is using the instagram since the number of posts keep increasing. I wonder who it is :s maybe hamdans love!


Nope, Nope and Nope :D

@f3 is Hamdan’s private account.

I’ve heard it’s his private account, but no one knows for sure.  I like to think it’s Rashid….brothers keeping up with each other.  


Anonymous asked:

Recently, two girls were arguing in Hamdan photos on your instagram, I think one jealous of the other girl, sincerely think these annoying situations, but the fact is that he deleted the comments that started the mess and left the other one there. Come watched her on her instagram and I realized the sweetness of his cometary and I think he likes it because he does not always goes, why not put out hers? he is delighted with her?



Man, i missed it.

WAIT!!!!!!!!! HUH??? WHAT????? Which Instagram??? What comments…

Cat fight over Hamdan……OMG…I missed it……WHEN

I wonder if “SHE” was involved…yes we all know which one I am talking about……


Anonymous asked:

I still waiting for mix of H's beard :D :D :D :D :D :D <3

OMG….I totally forgot…….I created a board for it, and then never got back to to it….give me about 15-20o minutes. I’ll throw something together for here.  

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